Posted by: empoweryourlife | October 16, 2008

Bad Habits –

Clear Those Bad Habits NOW!


Benjamin Bonetti

Each and every one of us have bad habits, some inherited, some learnt and some still to come, but at what stage do you decide to let them go?

The Answer– NOW!

We are trained in a large number of therapies, so we can provide the most “flexibility” when it comes to treating people like you.

What Habits do people want to give up?

A habit is something in your world, that isn’t serving you in a positive way.

A habit can be anything!

Think of something that you “should” have changed but it now has become a habit?

The bad habit?

It’s proven that our intellect does not drive our behaviour. In fact it is our beliefs about the world and our part in it, that determine what we do.
The beliefs that you formed during your childhood have got you to where you are today. They direct the course of your life without question or answer. You created your bad habit.
Why should YOU give up?
This is something “ONLY YOU” can answer; we do not offer the solution or recommend the right or wrong way of doing things. We do however give you the tools to move in the right direction.

Get started NOW!

Take advantage of our Online Coaching or Telephone Coaching Programme for a cost effective way of dismissing those habits.

But to get started you can:

• Be happy; be aware of the habit and when you do it!

• Find the tools for the job. If you have a drink, drugs or smoking habit try joining a local club!

• Understand what will happen when the habit is gone and focus on this!

• Picture your life without the habit, go forward and see how great things can be without your old habit.

• Remind yourself hourly of the long term benefits of achieving a habit free life.

Is moving forward the right thing for you?
What will happen if you continue on the path that you are following right NOW!


Change can be difficult, but it also can be exciting! If you enjoy the journey, the results will be MASSIVE.

What happens if you have tried before and it hasn’t worked?

Do children give up walking because the first time they didn’t succeed??
If you have tried something before and it hasn’t worked, we try something else!

Contact Us!

If you are ready to start making changes and we are the right people to help eliminate those bad habits then the next step is simple.

Call us on 0845 194 9644 or email

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