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Public Speaking in London –

Talk Out Loud!
Benjamin Bonetti

I know personally what it can feel like to stand in front of people, feeling completely out of place, the adrenaline takes over, the butterflies in the stomach, the nervous change in the tone of the voice and the repetition of words.

Having to stand in front of 3 or 300 and make a speech or presentation can, without doubt, cripple a person’s confidence: the thought of having to make a speech or presentation often is more fearful than making the speech itself. For many under-confident speakers, the fear is because, suddenly, you are the centre of attention.

It’s proven that public speaking is one of the most common fears across the world, and the biggest concern when making speeches or presentations.

Having the mental and emotional skill-set to deliver a powerful motivational speech, will build confidence, defeat doubt and negate the beast of fear.

Its Your Audience

At what stage does the audience cause a problem?

Perhaps you feel self-conscious and the attention that you are suddenly receiving becomes a pressure to perform, to meet the expectancy of the audience.

You feel that you will be judged by the audience and made to feel a fool and that in the spotlight your personal world is suddenly open to scrutiny. Thus, the speaker in an act of self-protection, becomes defensive about making the speech, so that previous wounds don’t get re-opened.
In a one on one, or small group situation, a speaker can adjust what they are saying to meet the responses of the individual/s and make sure their needs are addressed.

In a speech, you can’t neutralise the individual quite so easily, and very often this is the unspoken fear of the unconfident speaker. In an audience situation, everything gets amplified, so if one person starts to become unsettled and say, argumentative, you worry and suspect that this will spread like a virus to the rest of the audience.

This can produce a very great internal pressure. Or, the performer can become highly sensitive to potential audience reaction.

• Will they judge me?
• Will they criticise me?
• What if they don’t listen?

These ‘what if’s’ dominate the unconfident speakers thoughts, and eat away at their confidence, and make the speech or performance an exercise in personal torture.

Our one to one sessions directly addresses these issues, to give the speaker a better perspective on the task in hand, plus immediate access to the arts and skills required to make a great speech or presentation.

What Will The Programme Do?

Our One to One Programme is designed to build confidence and defeat doubt by:

• Guiding the speaker through the psychological minefield of how to think about the audience.
• Learning the inner arts of tone, rhythm and projection that form the foundation of great delivery.
• Discovering the secrets of the top ten tips that make great speeches.
• Learning how to relax both in advance and during the presentation.
• Being able to write and deliver your own motivational speech.

By the end of the process, each person will have designed and delivered their very own motivational speech.

Who Is It For?

The programme will be of benefit to both individuals and leaders and managers at all levels of the organization, especially:

• Those who feel anxious or uncomfortable, when they learn that they will present in front of others.
• Those who attempt to avoid giving presentations, if they can get out of doing them.
• Those who worry that others will criticise them, when they make presentations.
• Those who are afraid to let others see, that they feel fear and vulnerability.
• Those who worry that they will dry up, when they make a speech.
• Those who feel that they will lose credibility, if they make an ineffective speech.
• Those who worry, that others will ask them questions that they can’t answer.

The Delivery

The programme can be delivered on a one to one personal coaching basis, or in one day group format.

The Next Step

If you would like to learn the art of “Talk Out Loud” or enquire about other seminars, then us directly on: 0845 194 9644

Sign up for 2 hours “Talk Out Loud” coaching before 1st January 2009 and receive over £350 worth of free products.

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