Posted by: empoweryourlife | October 16, 2008

Sales Managers Training, Motivate Your Staff, Unlock Your Potential

Unlock Your Staff’s Potential


Benjamin Bonetti

Running a business is like being your very own captain of a ship, without the full commitment of each member of the team it will take you longer to get to the next port.

In order to get to the next port quicker, more efficiently and without hitting any icebergs, you must have 100% commitment from your crew, from the lookout of the crows nest to the shovel in the boiler room. If one member of the crew is less motivated than others, no matter how hard the boiler crew work, without the lookout crew your ship is going to sink!

You may be travelling against the wind at times, but it is easier with a motivated, co-corporative team than without.

Motivational Training

We work with your management team, providing them with useful techniques to unlock the potential of your most valuable recourse – your employees “The Crew”, ensuring you achieve realistic results, in a shorter timeframe with existing or fewer recourse’s.

In this current climate the pressure to work smarter and to a more cost effective standard is MASSIVE, resulting in a “highly negative” management style or “I’ll do it myself” philosophy.

Research has shown that when employees are managed this way, they provide up to 25% “less” than when fully motivated.

You may have already experienced this with your staff, with the situation worsening to “stress” or other “stress related illnesses finally resulting in absenteeism. Cost to you massive!

The good news is that, we are able to increase the interaction and communication among your managers and employees, with the implementation of our unique coaching style, proven to dramatically improve the performance of individuals, teams and whole organisations.

This coaching programme complements your organisation, increasing the motivation and empowering employees to clearly remain focused on your business

If this sounds like a programmes that can assist your management team then read on!!

It starts from the Top!

• How does your senior team interact with employees?

• Are you or your senior team approachable?

• When do you allow your employees to be heard?

• Are you aware what your staff say about your business after work?

• Do all of your staff know your business? (you will be surprised)?

• Do each of your staff know where to go if there is a problem with management?

• Are your managers accountable for their team?

• How do you reward your experienced performers?

• What stimulates your lower management?

• Who currently motivates your managers?

• Do your staff know where your business going?

We believe that everyone can benefit from motivation or empowerment. To hear more how we can move your business forward. Call us on 0845 195 9644 or email

“This guy must eat motivational flakes for breakfast. Sales Training eat your heart out, he inspires, develops, improves, motivates and succeeds in what he offers 100%. Turn up, sit down, listen and learn and you’ll walk away with something to help you. I did”
Mr H – Ricoh Sales Manager

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