Posted by: empoweryourlife | October 16, 2008

Sales Training – Close that Deal –

Close THAT Deal! NOW


Benjamin Bonetti

Close and negotiate new sales and repeat business with more certainty, less luck and greater accuracy. This course offers flexibility for all types of business.

Training objectives

As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

• Improve the qualification, progression and conversion of opportunities in their sales and business pipelines

• Overcome objections and obstacles to the sale

• Use proven contract renewal tactics


All sales professionals, at any level, including account managers and directors.


A highly interactive one-day course involving practical exercises and case studies.

Special features

The course can be tailored to include any specialist topics such as advanced telephone skills, dealing with complaints, internal planning, etc, according to organisational need or the skill level of the participants.

The expert trainer

Benjamin Bonetti is the founder and main motivational speaker at empower-your-life seminars, his experience is vast within the sales and training environment. He initially started his adult working career by joining the Army at 16, finally leaving after a tour of Northern Ireland.

During his successful entrepreneurial adventure, he has founded several companies including a Property Consultancy Specialist, Estate & Letting Agency and Empower-Your-Life. Benjamin is a fully certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and a TimeLine Therapist.

Course outline

1 Introduction to the five laws of closing sales successfully

• Develop ‘a killer’ attitude – why and how your attitude must change
• The importance of timing – knowing when to close
• Knowing how to close – new and sophisticated models and methods for customer-focused
• Isolating and developing a strategy to remove cognitive buying dissonance.
• Negotiate and manage the end game effectively

2 Developing ‘a killer’ attitude – why and how your attitude must change

• Qualifying and analysing what needs to happen to help the customer make a buying decision
• How to stop selling and start closing
• Developing the right attitude and instil confidence in your confidence through visualisation

3 The importance of timing – knowing when to close

• Recognising and testing conscious and unconscious buying signals from customers
• Consensus selling – how to close multiple decision-makers and influencers
• Closing worksheets and planning tools

4 Knowing how to close

• New and sophisticated models and methods for customer-focused selling
• Use an ‘option generator’ to simplify complex proposals and close sales faster
• Get decisions made faster and overcome objections

5 The power to persuade

• The three things that stop people buying – and how to remove them
• Overcome objections more openly and accurately
• Work with the customer to develop a decision action plan

6 Introduction to negotiating and managing the end game effectively

• Deal more effectively and profitably with price objections
• Learn to recognise negotiating tactics and stances
• Be able to apply a proven structure to new business negotiations

Whatever the starting point, we guarantee the same result: that we will deliver an excellent learning and development experience, employing the services of an outstanding expert trainer focused entirely on ensuring that you achieve all your training objectives.

To book now call us on 0845 194 9644

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