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Sports Mind Coach –

The Secret of Sports Attitude….
Benjamin Bonetti

What the difference between a World Record Breaking Athlete and a Good Club Athlete?
This has been the question of millions across the globe for many years. We believe we have the answer…..
Sports professionals are no different to successful entrepreneurs, they desire the recognition as a being the elite in their field, whether a gymnast in search of a gold medal, a professional golfer keen to improve rankings or a semi pro amateur keen to reach the next stage, we all desire the same thing; significance…..

Significance alone increases the pressure to succeed and installs additional fear of failure. As the mental demand on sports professionals is on the increase, it is imperative to achieve a mental state of perfection that exceeds that of your competitors. It has been proven to make the difference between winning and loosing, as proven by Usain Bolt in the 2008 Olympics, with his mind blowing personal best and world record breaking performance
“I am hungry for a title under my belt and if you want to be a champion you have to be serious, buckle down and do the work required.”
Usain Bolt 2007

Sports Attitude

It doesn’t matter how long you have been training or how good you believe you are, if your mental ability does not match your physical ability you will never reach your full potential. To unlock this ability could be the difference between the winning putt for the trophy, landing the perfect volt, scoring the perfect goal or even crossing the line in a personal best.


Master the Mental Secret.

Mastering the mental secret of sport is one of the key elements to achieving physical enhancement, many leading athletes and sports celebrities fail to achieve their optimum ability as they have overlooked the strongest contributing factor to their success: THE MIND….

If you could overcome all limiting beliefs, motivate the negative self talk and improve your physical performance just by talking to us, would you? Interesting thought isn’t it…

Experience The Secret…

Our professional coaches work closely with our clients to align the mind and body. With the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming and our specially developed in-house techniques we eliminate common issues encountered before, during or after events, ensuing our clients have the maximum mind power when required. Sports Professionals who have increased their mental ability have reported significant improvement, feeling completely focused, more confident and are able to approach each day with the motivation required to reach optimum standards.

You Already Know Your Weakness…

Self talk is the most common problem among the worlds leading sport professionals; below are few examples of the most common self talk question and results, Do any of these applies to you? Self talk overpowers your natural ability to think positive..

Question Result
• What if I can’t do it? – You make simple mistakes
• What happens if I fail? – You become ultra cautious
• What will happen to my reputation? – You stop having fun

• Am I as good as my competitors? – You look for others to blame
• Why is all this hard work not paying off? – You build up personal doubt
• I am not good enough? – You make excuses and give up
• They are better than me? – You think negative thoughts
• What do they think? – You build up anxieties

If you have experienced any of the above self talk questions, then like many others you have felt the physiological shift between mind and body. This shift limits the amount of positive action you can apply to the moment when you require 100% perfection. We act here…

Achieving mental perfection will make the critical difference, helping you to develop improve your ability to win.
Our Sports Attitude programme gets you back on track, working towards your goals, eliminating self talk ensuring your mind is at a level that exceeds your competitors.

If You’re Looking For The Edge…

Empower Your Life only work with those who want to be the best; we are not interested working with those unwilling to commit to goals, achieve great things or take massive action, as without these your unlikely to achieve the results you desire. To achieve perfection demands 100% commitment…
If you have never experienced the power of mind coaching, then take advantage of our FREE 15 minute telephone session and experience knowing more than your competition.

Unlike other Sport Mind Coaches our programme is conducted face to face, ensuring 100% interaction and productivity so we can actually achieve those goals you desire.

If you qualify for our coaching programme,
Please call 0845 194 9644

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