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Work Smarter, Not Harder – Sales Training

Smarter NOT Harder


Benjamin Bonetti

Working smarter is about approaching your life, work and goals in a more sustainable, enjoyable and less stressful way. Working smarter is good for the organisation, in terms of increased productivity, and good for the employees, helping them to achieve a healthier work-life balance.

So why don’t we all work smarter?

Training objectives

Participants will acquire a range of tools and techniques to help them:

• Stay focused on key objectives
• Improve their time management
• Get through more work in less time
• Manage stress and avoid anxiety
• Achieve a better work-life balance


This programme is appropriate for staff at all levels. It can be tailored for different audiences (eg, for managers or for front-line staff) and environments (e.g., offices, call centres or customer-facing). It is particularly appropriate for sales teams.


A highly interactive one-day course involving practical exercises and case studies.

The expert trainer

Benjamin Bonetti is the founder and main motivational speaker at empower-your-life seminars, his experience is vast within the sales and training environment. He initially started his adult working career by joining the Army at 16, finally leaving after a tour of Northern Ireland.

During his successful entrepreneurial adventure, he has founded several companies including a Property Consultancy Specialist, Estate & Letting Agency and Empower-Your-Life. Benjamin is a fully certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and a TimeLine Therapist.

Course outline

Why are we here?

• Stop working harder – start working smarter
• Attitude – the secret to good time management
• Balancing your work style

Plan the work – and work the plan

• Focusing on key performance indicators
• Setting monthly goals and objectives
• Creating a daily action plan
• A time management system that works!
• Planning your week

How to gain one hour a day – every day

• Time flies!
• Expect the unexpected
• Create a non-interruption zone
• Dumping trivia and speeding-up routine tasks
• Delegation

Positive goal-setting

• Understanding how goals work
• SMART goals

• Setting and reviewing goals

Dealing with interruptions

• Why people interrupt you
• How to say ‘not now’ and ‘no’ – nicely!
• Creating the right environment
• How to be more assertive
• Avoiding interruptions
• How to negotiate timescales
• Dealing with your boss
• Dealing with telephone interruptions

Conquering the paperwork

• The tidy desk

Overcoming procrastination

• Why do we resist change?
• Ten ways to ‘do it NOW’

The smart manager

• Working to precise and measured objectives
• Setting objectives – for your department and for yourself
• A daily checklist
• Proactive time management
• Managing or trouble-shooting?
• Delegation

Stress management

• Dealing with situation-specific stress
• Dealing with anxiety
• Optimum stress levels
• Stress elimination

Whatever the starting point, we guarantee the same result: that we will deliver an excellent learning and development experience, employing the services of an outstanding expert trainer focused entirely on ensuring that you achieve all your training objectives.

To book now call us on 0845 194 9644

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