Posted by: empoweryourlife | October 17, 2008

Sales Training in Sussex – The World is changing, or is it???

The World is changing, or is it???

We all know that after the boom there’s going to be a crash, after the crash the boom, but why the sudden surprise with the recent economic events.

Let’s begin with the facts

all economies follow a regular pattern of expansion and contraction. The economy will typically expand steadily for six to ten years and then enter a recession for six months to two years.

Recession has happened before and it will happen again

Stay positive

Begin with your attitude. If you expect to fail you will probably achieve what you expected. All we hear on the media is negative, yet people still buy things. As a salesperson you have to realise that your attitude is your biggest strength.

The most common attribute of successful salespeople is attitude. Think positively and you will win more sales.

Get yourself a plan

The best salespeople have a sales plan that they work to. Without a plan you are not focused and will fill your day with meaningless activity. Planning isn’t everything, but it is a good start. Set yourself increased activity targets. Call up more prospects. See more customers. Don’t give up!

Get busy

Pick up the phone and make twice the calls you did before, with the limited number of clients landing on your desk, keep yourself busy, you may get more rejection, but if you give up trying you’ll get nothing.


There is enough business out there to make you rich. To find it you have to prospect twice or even three times as much in the hard times.

Be better at everything you do

The best tip I can give you is to be better than the rest. Look at every aspect of your selling from the way you look to how you sell. Simple things matter like being punctual, delivering what you promised, being pleasant and helpful and being positive.

Strengthen your sales skills

Get motivated, get trained and improve your skills. We offer bespoke sales training courses.

Improve your service

This isn’t just a sales issue. Look at all aspects of your customer service. Are you a truly excellent company, customers rate the service they receive higher than product quality and price. The way you win is by being the best at what you do.

Work harder

Think of all the potential sales activity you get involved in; phoning prospects, booking appointments, contacting your existing customers, e-mailing, faxing, direct mail, attending conferences and so on.

Just do more of the right things and your business will improve.

Sit there and do nothing and nothing will happen.

Make the most of others waiting for the boom, take advantage now..

Call us on 0845 194 9644

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