Posted by: empoweryourlife | October 22, 2008

Celebrity Coach – Only One Person To Call – International Clients

International Celebrity & Executive Life Coach….

“Insanity is repeating the same actions, over and over, again and again, and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

Moments from now you could have the answers to the questions your searching for, transforming your relationship, wealth and freedom, allowing you to finally live your life.

We understand that executives and celebrities experience an increasingly fast paced lifestyle, constantly under pressure and restricted by the nature of their work, often pushed to the point of physical and mental exhaustion, unable to find answers adopt a depressive ideological state. If This You Read On…

Empower Your Life provide you with an intense one to one coaching programme designed to assist, improve and develop simple but effective “state” changes, allowing you to deal with those unwanted self talk and challenges.

How It Works?

Our founder, Benjamin Bonetti will work with you over two normal working days, guiding, coaching and suggesting different tactics to deal with your everyday struggles. He will work to find alternative options to pressures and stresses that you currently experience, developing your state to achieve an improved lifestyle model.


* 5 Steps Method – Turn Working Pressures In To Working Pleasures
* Dealing With Eliminate Burnout, Exhaustion, Stress and Depression
* How To Work With Emotional Challenges
* The One Critical Thing You Must Do With Self Esteem
* The Importance of Life After Success

Previous clients often express that after this bespoke coaching programme they have gained a more confident and relaxed approach to events that would otherwise trigger a negative “state”, allowing them to move forward without limiting beliefs, stress or anxiety.

This exculsive service offers a 24 hour personal contact number, allowing you to recieve coaching anytime anywhere, ideal for the international executive or celebrity.

The Next Step!

If you are a big thinker and even more importantly looking to achieve your biggest goals, dramatically increase your productivity and experience incredible breakthroughs, Our Celebrity and Executive Life Coaching Programme is for you!

So, if YOU are ready to raise YOUR career and life to a whole new level of mastery and success….

Call Benjamin Bonetti personally on 07809 454 940.

“We don’t offer the solution or suggest the right or wrong way; we do offer guidance and a trusted unbiased ways of dealing with the same situation” Benjamin Bonetti, Founder

Fees start from £2495.00

October Special – London Clients Recieve 24/7 Care Call FREE For November…

Note: “Due to the professional nature of our clients we insist on a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement, protecting not only our clients best interests but our working practice; this is done at the point of instruction”

Empower Your Life Advance Celebrity Coaching
London – Brighton – International

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