Posted by: empoweryourlife | October 22, 2008

Weight Loss in Worthing, Brighton, Sussex

Lose Weight In Just 12 Weeks… Forever!

The Empowered Weight Loss Programme is a total mind and body make over, in that its helps support both mental and emotional changes necessary for changing your body shape, rather than solely concentrating on your weight loss. Statistics prove that in order to achieve sustainable weight loss, it is required to deal with the issues relating to the weight gain first.

If you are looking for the ultimate weight loss programme or an alternative to dieting then this is the answer for you…

Our Weight Loss and Nutrition Programme inculdes:

* Three 30 minute Telephone Coaching Sessions with a Trained NLP Practitioner
* Twelve week Empowered Nutrition Guide
* Twelve week Grocery Menu
* Twelve week Goal Achievement Strategy

Tried loosing weight before and it hasn’t worked?

Starting another diet is like building another house on the same old foundation that can not sustain it. Soon, the house begins to slide and needs to be torn down. Then you again build another one on the same foundation and the pattern repeats. The foundation continues to not get the attention or repairs it needs in order to support the house for good. In working with us, you will be changing your foundation!

Our inner world, our beliefs, feelings and thoughts, leads to our actions and causes our results. When we only focus on changing our actions, we struggle. When we focus on making changes in our beliefs, feelings and thoughts, we naturally do the actions that give us the results we want. Reasons for sabotage are eliminated. The path becomes clearer and easier.

Ask yourself, What will happen if you continue on your current path???

Our twelve week programme could give you all the motivation you need to look great for 2009..

Call 0845 194 9644 – We are waiting to help you.

CLICK HERE to download a section of the Empowered Weight Loss Programme.

(£229.00 from 1st January 2009)

Empower Your Life Weight Loss Programme
London – Brighton – International

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