Posted by: empoweryourlife | October 24, 2008

Proffessional / Executive Life Coach / Business Coach – London, Brighton, International

Conquer Today, Live Tomorrow….

Why Empowered Life Coaching…

Life Coaching
has many different benefits, for most it is a way of uncovering and dealing with issues that otherwise would hinder progression within life. Empowered Life Coaching is designed to the deal with the everyday issues that cause you stress, refocusing and realigning your world, and creating maximum motivation for you to achieve your goals.

Unlike other Life Coaching programmes we insist on dealing with the root cause of problem and aim to overcome issues as quickly as possible using NLP techniques, ensuring the minimum amount of sessions are required.

If you want to improve in ONE area of your life then read on…

We have designed a number of Life Coaching Programmes, proven to assist people with issues and concerns inherited over the years of their life. We believe that everyone can benefit from a session with our Life Coach, creating an opportunity to clear the clutter that has been restricting certain dreams they had as a child.

You are not born with limiting beliefs, they are inherited

Take Advantage Of Our Life Coaching Programme:

* Turn Your Dreams Into Goals – Life Development
* 10 Steps To Strategy Setting And Achievement
* A Simple Word Trick To Change The Past – Its Your Life
* Discover Life Mastery – Personalised Life Coaching
* How To Deal With Failure – The Past Is Not Your Future
* The Importance of Knowing Its Not Your Fault

What Next?

Our Life Coaching Programme are conducted in a supportive, caring, inspirational and non-judgemental environment where you have the total and undivided attention of the life coach. Clients are amazed after just one session the difference it makes to deal with problems head on.

“I wish I had met you years ago, why have I wasted years restricting my life”

If you are a big thinker and even more importantly looking to achieve your biggest goals, dramatically increase your productivity and experience incredible breakthroughs. CALL YOUR LIFE COACH NOW! – 0845 194 9644

Remember, it’s only you that can book on this course!

Hourly Rates from £75.00.
Programme Rates from £1500.00.

Book 2 hours Life Coaching before the 15th November 2008 and recieve 1 hour FREE telephone coaching….

Empower Your Life – Life Coaching
London – Brighton – International


  1. It is great to see a professional coaching approach in your website and I enjoyed the information.

    Although I am English I live and work out in Manila and have a small coaching school here, helping low paid income earners get a start in life by creating their own wealth through coaching programs.

    Thanks for the tips and if you get a chance please take a look at my new site at

    Be blessed and have a great day.

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