Posted by: empoweryourlife | October 30, 2008

VIP – Are You In Control????? –

Are you in control?

Have you ever found yourself reacting to life’s events against your better judgement?
Has an external fact ever affected your moods? Or perhaps you have the ability to control your emotions, staying outwardly calm and relaxed, despite others unable to respond appropriately.

People with lower levels of emotional stability tend to feel a lack of control over life’s challenges and to “react” to life rather than to adapting or making proactive decisions thus “reactivity” is the key element in emotion stability.

For most people reactivity simply reflects current life challenges, for emotionally reactive people, reactivity is part of how they live their lives, buffeted from one negative event to another. Emotionally reactive people can be easily upset and somewhat temperamental. The plus side is that a positive event will evoke enthusiasm and joy in this individual, which can be infectious.

Emotionally stable people are calm, mature, and unruffled, they feel that life is more or less in their control. Taking things in their stride, and to cope with day to day life and its challenges in a calm and balanced way, they adapt to frustrations, and don’t let their emotions get in the way. The negative side is that they suppress bad emotions, feeling and anger.

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