Posted by: empoweryourlife | November 1, 2008

Motivating Your Staff – Simple Steps…

Motivation can be described as the source which inspires someone’s specific actions. At work, how well motivated your employees are to carry out their duties and roles will have a significant influence on how your organization functions, your profits and even sickness levels, it can make or break your company.

Stress can have an enormous affect on motivation, motivation can influence stress, and Stress causes sickness, thus a cycle.

Do not think that money alone will lead to job satisfaction. There are other very crucial ingredients to motivation which the manager with good leader ship qualities considers in order to grow and maintain their healthy business whilst ensuring that their staff help achieve the goals of the company.

Tips from the Top – The Top means your management team!!!!!

Motivate workers to achieve their best and the best is what they shall achieve.

• Delegate adequate amounts of responsibility, enough to ensure that your team find it difficult to function without another department, this generates a natural motivator, lets face it none of us likes to being relied upon.

• Give Massive recognition to your workers of the work that they do and acknowledge everyone, including those behind the scenes, “when was the last time you thanked the cleaner”???? Is this important? Think about the cycle!!!

• Create promotional incentives and make sure everyone is aware of them, don’t think that everyone will jump on the band wagon because the wont, remember keeping staff is just as important in business as expansion. Your staff today shouldn’t be the staff of your competitors tomorrow!!

• Know your staff, make sure that are happy in and out of work, this doesn’t have to be your role, but make sure there is a clearly marked person responsible for any grievances.

• Make your staff work harder for their pay, and reward those who achieve more. I have always stood by that all employees need is one big pay cheque; they will remember that amount and aim towards it every month.

• Get a “Chill Out Area” make their lunch breaks fun, buy a table tennis, snooker table or something similar. Think about it, if they have fun at lunch and come back all fired up they are likely to produce more. (Set clear rules from day one this could back fire)…

Ask yourself now, how well do you really know your business? You may know your job or what you wanted to achieve, but break it down to staff, products, services, procedure etc etc, How well do you know your business???

If you would like to invite us to motivate your staff to increase your profits, then call us today 0845 194 9644

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