Posted by: empoweryourlife | November 5, 2008

Your Questions – My Answers!

Ever wondered what the person on your shoulder would look like? The same as you! A better you! Worse! Someone completely different!

The truth is that it really doesn’t matter, but how you control that person can work with or against you, create an amazing or an ordinary life, achieve what you want or fail at every hurdle. Why, it’s very simple.

To master the art of self talk, self motivation, self questioning is something that very few people achieve. It is proven that entrepreneurs excel in the art of self talk, they are able to self analyze problems quickly and effectively, assessing potential problems and overcoming them with ease.

Below are some pointers to achieve the excellence you deserve.

Questions, Questions, Questions – The Answer.

The Right Question – Questions are invitations, that invite you to answer in a way that suits you, your life and the present situation. Be critical over your answers, ask the question more than once.

Example: I was out shopping with a friend the other day and we decided to go for a coffee, knowing full well she was on a diet, I asked what she wanted, “latte with cream and a slice”, I asked again “oh, I’ll forget the slice” and again, “oh I better forget the cream I am on a diet” ok a latte then “yes please”.

“Still not a great choice but better than the first answer”

I hadn’t mentioned that she was on a diet, yet, the environment, situation and feeling made it ok for her to have the first order, by questioning her, she self answered the better choice for her, it took three attempts. Don’t take the first answer you produce as the best, re-question your answers with the same question and see the difference…

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