Posted by: empoweryourlife | November 6, 2008

Life Coaching In Brighton –

Self Esteem Issues…

If your self esteem is low, then the question is “what are you choosing to do now to change it?

By focusing on what you’re going to do to change your attitude towards the problem is likely to build on self esteem issues. Try to self analyse what you are really good at, it can be anything from skiing to writing, it doesn’t matter.

Try answering the following questions:

1. Write down 10 things that make you feel special?
2. Think about 10 things you do well?
3. Close your eyes and picture 10 things you are grateful for having?
4. What makes you unique?

How do you feel now?

Just before going to bed at night, write down a list of things that you are happy that you achieve that day, keep going every night until you don’t feel the “need” to continue.

Be amazed how quickly this simple but effective process is, one evening, your quite literally stop, and feel 10 times better for doing so.

If you want to learn more, or experience the ultimate release of self esteem issues, call us on 0845 194 9644

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