Posted by: empoweryourlife | November 13, 2008

Positive Attitude – Positive Thinking –

Negative Thoughts

Can you really do anything with a positive attitude?

No! Sorry, yes positive thinking assists and helps achieve Realistic goals,

I for example have one of the worst singing voices in the “world” and no matter how much positive thinking i apply to having the best, it is unlikely to change. “Yes” I can go to singing classes, but I am not the next Michael Buble.

Self Honesty

If you have your goal, understand “why” you want it, and adapt your goal to your realistic ability,

Use Your Negative Thoughts

We all have positive and negative thoughts; use the negative thoughts with the positive ones, if you “can’t” (negative words) find out why and learn from it.

Use all the tools everyday in every environment

The Word “NO”

Start saying “NO” – Try it out the next time that you ask yourself are to do something that you are unable to do say “NO”

Find others to assist you achieve the “NO” and not only are you likely to achieve the result you want, but gain confidence, respect and enjoy the journey.

How Does This Work

Entrepreneurs for years have been using the skills of others to make their millions. I know thousands of people who are better than me at a number of tasks, so why not team up with them to achieve my goal???

By saying “NO” when you’re a little out of your depth, increases your chances of achieving the objective.

Turn your “NO” into a positive “YES”

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