Posted by: empoweryourlife | December 1, 2008

Your Life Is Not Your Job –

10 Steps to feeling Better, Relaxed and Revived:

1. Speak highly of yourself – appreciate what you have already achieved, spend a little time to recognise how well you’re doing.

2. SMART Goals – set a life action plan, know where you’re going and be honest with it.

3. Create something new – plan time out for yourself and do something new everyday, by learning something new everyday educates you in many fields.

4. Laugh – It’s proven that we all have the mental age of a 7 year old. Act like a 7 year old at least once a week. Laugh at silly jokes; remember this can be done in private.

5. Work it out – if you have stuff that is worrying you, sort it out, take a day off and get it sorted.

6. See the light through the trees – visualise your life at a better place once you have accomplished all those things you desired, sometimes it easier to live in success rather that chasing it.

7. Be your own author – write down all those things that you have been meaning to do, and get them done. Work out strategies, get loved ones to help if need be.

8. Don’t forget to breathe – at times its easy to loose track of what is important, don’t get stressed with the un-important tasks.

9. Get Physical – Its proven that when your physically involved in a task your more likely to succeed, Why? 55% of what you do is done through your body.

10. Believe in yourself – Don’t listen to negative people, just because others have low standards doesn’t mean that you have to. Raise your bar and achieve all those things that you want. It’s your life, it’s your destiny be your own author.

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